We spend a lot of time working muscle cars, rally and racing cars, vintage, classic, sportscars, exotic domestic & some foreign cars that require special attention when it comes to maintenance and repair. There are a number of reasons you love your car, its speed and performance, its classic appeal, distinctive look, its luxury, or all of the above, and you want to make sure it is in full working order. Thats where we come in, we can help maintain a powerful, smooth-running engine.

When it comes to carburetors, you are looking for peak performance at all times. We specialize in carburetor tunes, repairs and rebuilds, and can acheive great results. We have a dedicated member of staff specializing in this area.

  • Side Draft
  • Down Draft
  • Weber
  • Solex
  • Delorto
  • Stromberg
  • Holley
  • Electronic
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