Autotech Services Motorsport Preperation

Autotech Services has a proven track record of successful race car preparation. Many of the Autotech staff are either competitors or part of support teams and have many years of experience in different forms of motorsport.


We provide a complete service for performance vehicles including all tunning, modification and development testing of your rally car or track day special.

We supply and fit all performance parts including engines, brakes, roll cages, seating and harnesses.

From testing and development, to specialised ECU tuning and mods... carborated or injected, we simply make it go better!

Autotech Services Motorsport division offers full race car preparation, including roll over protection, engine builds and advanced suspension tuning.

Autotech also specialises in electronic corner weighting and suspension modifications. We can manufacture many motorsport parts and can help you put together and maintain your perfect race car. Please feel free to contact us and ask us what we can do for you, whether it be road, rally, track or other.

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